Plastic bags sales down by 90% following government 5p charge, decision on metaldehyde and RPA payments

Plastic bag floating in water

Today's blog looks at the success of the 5p plastic bag charge as the Environment Secretary reveals bag sales are down by 90% since it the charge was introduced. Furthermore, the Rural Payments Agency confirms that overdue agri-environment claims have been fully paid, we provide clarification on government reconsideration of metaldehyde ban and National Parks Minister, Lord Garner, visits New Forest Show. 

Thursday 3 May: Kew reopens world’s largest Victorian greenhouse, rise in farming incomes, and sports grounds crack-down on plastics

Kew reopens world’s largest Victorian greenhouse Kew Gardens has today reopened its Temperate House – the world’s largest Victorian greenhouse – after a five-year restoration project. The vast greenhouse is now home to a geographically arranged collection of 10,000 plants …