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Maintaining high food standards in the UK after EU Exit

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There has been coverage today in publications such as the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail and BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today on a Which? survey on food standards in the UK after EU Exit as well as an announcement from Waitrose linked to this.

A Government spokesperson said:

"This government has been clear it will not sign a trade deal that will compromise our high environmental protection, animal welfare and food safety standards.

"We are a world leader in these areas and that will not change.

"Chlorinated chicken and hormone injected beef are not permitted for import into the UK. This will be retained through the EU Withdrawal Act and enshrined in UK law at the end of the transition agreement.”

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  1. Comment by john charity posted on

    That's good you should be shouting that from the roof tops!

  2. Comment by John Galvin posted on

    To ensure this happens it is imperative (a) current EU food standards are enshrined in UK law where this is not the case already. Food and especially meat should be labelled with the country of origin as well as slaughter and packaging

  3. Comment by Suzi Stinchcombe posted on

    No! No the government have NOT been clear on this! To sign a trade deal with the USA where they call the shots will mean that we cannot be confident that the food we buy is of the same or higher standard than we are used to under the EU!