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UK and EU conclude agreement on catch levels for 2021 

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Fish in polystyrene boxes on iceThere is positive coverage today following our announcement that we have concluded annual fisheries negotiations with the EU. The announcement has been covered by City AM and The Express.

The total value of the UK-EU fishing opportunities for the UK in 2021 is approximately £333 million.

The negotiations with the EU follow the UK new status as an independent coastal State outside the Common Fisheries Policy. The UK will continue to negotiate annually with the EU on catch limits under the terms of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

The agreement for 2021 ensures that the fishing industry has certainty on the catch limits for 70 shared fish stocks for the rest of 2021.

Both parties have also committed to exchanging fishing quota on an interim basis ahead of a longer-term exchange system which will be set up by the Specialised Committee on Fisheries.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said: 

As we move forward as an independent coastal State, we have been steadfast in representing the interests of our industry and seeking to manage our fisheries more sustainably.

This agreement provides certainty to our fishing industry and we now have a stable platform in place for managing our fisheries this year and in future years.

As a result of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and these negotiations, the UK fleet will have around 26,000 tonnes more quota for these stocks compared with quotas allocated in 2020. This increase is estimated to be worth around £27 million.

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  1. Comment by William Hughes-Games posted on

    If you are negotiating with the EU for fisheries rights, you have lost your fisheries. The prime necessity, world wide, is that each country is in complete control of her EEZ and only she fishes there. This is the only way that the fisheries resources of a country can be brought back to it's full potential.