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Daily Telegraph on the supply of alcoholic drinks

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The Daily Telegraph is running an article, claiming supermarkets and off licences could run out of wine and beer amid increased consumer demand for alcohol. This is simply not true and The Daily Telegraph did not approach us for a comment on this story.

The piece is referring to claims from a small number of industry commentators, who said the country is at risk of running out of alcohol as importers prioritised food and other supplies.

Despite the headline of the article, the Government has been clear it will do whatever it takes to ensure people have the food, drink and supplies they need and our supermarkets have repeatedly said we have all the stock we need to meet demand and the food supply chain is even able to expand production further if needed to meet any increased demand. These supermarkets are continuing to monitor their supply chains and are already taking action to limit the supply of certain items to make sure shelves are stocked.

The Government is doing all it can to support this effort - relaxing competition laws so retailers can work together to keep shops open and stocked. This involves sharing data on stock levels, pooling staff to meet demand, or sharing distribution depots and delivery vans. Government has also been working with local authorities to extend delivery hours to supermarkets so shelves can be replenished more quickly.

A Government spokesperson said:

It is untrue to claim the UK could run out of wine, beer or other drinks. Supermarkets have been clear we have all the supplies we need and this includes alcohol.

Retailers are continuing to monitor their supply chains and taking all the necessary steps to ensure consumers have the food, drink and supplies they need.

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  1. Comment by William Hughes-Games posted on

    Speaking of alcohol, here in New Zealand we have diverted a huge quantity of alcohol destined for mixing with our petrol to the production of hand sanitizers. Perhaps this is why Brits are buying alcohol. They want to sanitize themselves internally with it.