Monday 30 April: Oak Processionary Moth caterpillars ,the Environment Secretary on Future Farming, flood warnings and the Royal Horticultural Society's ban on certain plants at Chelsea.

In today's blog we look at the possible health risks associated with OPM caterpillars, the Environment Secretary discusses the ongoing consultation for the future of farming ,flood warnings and a ban on exhibitors at the Chelsea Flower Show from using certain plants. plants

Tuesday 24 April: Minister Eustice requests exemption from the 'three crop rule', the rise in unwell horses being abandoned and water company executive pay

An image of farm land and corn fields with cattle in another field

In today's blog we cover Minister Eustice's letter to the European Commission requesting an exemption from the three crop rule, the rise in unwell horses being abandoned and stories on the increase in water company executive pay. Defra requests exemption …