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Thursday 7 December: Young people in the fishing industry and the government’s crackdown on puppy farms

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Young people in the fishing industry

Whitby town and River Esk (Credit: Khrizmo/ iStock)
Whitby town and River Esk (Credit: Khrizmo/ iStock)

Environment Secretary Michael Gove contributed to a BBC One Show feature yesterday on young people getting into the fishing industry.

The fisheries sector is worth over £1 billion to our economy, and employs over 30,000 people. In a report following aspiring young fishermen in Whitby, the Secretary of State emphasised the Government’s determination to support young fishermen in making the most of the opportunities afforded to the industry by Brexit:

I think that Brexit will be a very good thing for our coastal communities and for the fishing industry overall… but one of the things I’m committed to doing is to making sure that the resource is there in order to guarantee that the next generation of those who want to go to sea are supported to do so.


Government action to crack down on abhorrent puppy farms

Picture of a dog (copyright: thinkstock)
Picture of a dog (copyright: thinkstock)

There is coverage in today’s Mirror of the ‘Lucy’s Law’ campaign to ban third-party sales of puppies.

The Government has announced a swathe of reforms to the animal licensing system to crack down on ‘backstreet breeders’ by making it illegal to sell puppies younger than eight weeks and requiring anyone breeding and selling three or more litters a year to apply for a formal licence. Anyone trading commercially in pets online will need to be properly licensed.

The plans will be laid in Parliament in the new year and will empower local authorities to take tough action on puppy farms and help ensure the pets we buy are healthy, happy and from reputable sellers.

Buyers can also help by following our top tips when considering a new pet.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove today confirmed that we are looking at what more we can do both before and after we leave the EU.

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